Preparing for the experience

Once you have decided you wanted to be among the lucky people and do it, you need to find a reliable organization to take good take of you.

I checked that up on the internet, and once I had selected one (only trusting a feeling I had…), I checked on the Chamber of Commerce’s website to see if the said NGO was registered.

I have chosen EIL Ireland. EIL stands for Experiment in International Living, and I can tell you my feeling was right! It is a brilliant organization! (

After filling in a form and having a telephone interview, where the staff, through questions, try to find out if you will benefit from the experience abroad, what your expectations are about the project, answer any question that comes to your mind, and so on.

If they decide you are a good candidate, then it is time for you to think about practical things for your trip, like taking an appointment with your GP for vaccines, gather a small pharmacy to bring with you (first aid is enough) and what you might need for your project.

If you would like to bring clothes to give out, just do it! At least you know where it goes, not like the clothes boxes we have in Europe where we do not really know who’s behind the concept and what they do with our stuff.

Also if you intend to work with Childen, copy books and pens will always be welcome! Or if you want to bring Slum people something, I remember they were delighted with the soaps I had brought.

Of course, you don’t have to, but anything you may bring will touch the people you will meet in your new community 🙂

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