On the starting blocks…

My feeling is that, in France, Volunteering is less popular than in Ireland (and probably England, US…). At least I’ve seen less ads about it.

So some people may wonder: Why paying to go Volunteering? We are not getting paid, and on top we need to pay?

Well, while on the project, someone will welcome you at the airport. Also the accommodation and food are provided by the host organization. They also take you for an orientation session which consists in giving you the main lines of the Culture & some words of the local language.  Some explanations of how means of transport work will be given to you so that you can manage on your own from your accommodation place and your work place. And in case you can walk to the project, they will also show you the way by walking with you the first time. Any practical things you want to ask, you can ask at that orientation session. Also the host organization will put an Emergency number for you to be able to reach in case something happens, which will be available 24 hours every day and the support behind it. In other words,  that is what you are paying for. Be careful, flights are not included!

Now the day you have been waiting for with excitement has finally arrived. You are filled with mixed feelings. Curiosity, and in my case, a dream was about to become reality (India), and questions all over the head. You hope you have imagined all the possible scenarios in the preparation phase, in order to face all sorts of things once abroad.

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