India was my dream.

Everything has started with the music. I had fallen in love with an Indian instrument called the Dhol. Most of the time, you hear it in Bhangra music, which is originally from the region of Punjab – oh you don’t know where Punjab is located? You see the men with turbans on their heads? Well, this is their part of this World (North West of India, at the border of Pakistan). A majority of the people in this area are Sikh, which explains the Turbans.

As I always wanted more music, I started watching Indian films  (as you may know there is a big part of music and dancing in those films), and that way I have discovered the Hindi language. I just loved the sound of it. I found it relaxing. I felt good after watching a Hindi film at UGC Dublin. That would erase all the stress in the world 🙂

So I looked for Hindi classes in Dublin and started following them with the Sandford Institute, once a week after work. I am well aware that Hindi is absolutely useless in Europe but to me, everything that makes us happy is good to take so here I was learning Hindi with a teacher from Calcutta (Kolkata), in the Capital of Ireland…

Note: Hindi is the language / Hindu is the Religion. I’ve seen a lot of confusion everywhere so just to make it clear.

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