Water saving and hygiene

My father was travelling quite a lot with his work since I was a child, and sometimes my mother and I used to go with him. I am not sure why but from that time, I had kept a soap from each hotel I had been to and put them in a box, that I had kept at home for years.

When I went for my Indian journey, I thought I would do nothing with them and they would be in better hands with the Slum people in India, so I brought them on the journey with me…

One morning, I brought the soaps and decided not to give my little students a usual class and took them to one of the few taps in the slums where I was teaching. I asked them to line up, and queue to wash their hands one after the other.

By instinct they left the tap open so I explained that switching it off between each person would be better, as Water is very precious (even more in India, and in Rajasthan!). Water is useful to make things grow in the fields and this is food for families. Also people need to drink a certain amount of water everyday to be in good health. Animals too.

This brought up the subject of drinkable water and they asked why some of the water they could drink and some not, and I explained as best as I could, with my non-scientific background…

By that time it was almost time for lunch, the food provided by the Indian Government would be there soon so I asked them to wash their hands again before lunch, because Hygiene is very important to keep healthy too. And this applies even more to Indian people who eat with their hands.

This was like a game to them, but I know some talked to their families about what they had learnt in school that day so hopefully it will remain in their minds.


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